Calling All Men! Take Charge of Your Health with the Help of These Resources

It’s the week before Father’s Day, which means it’s also National Men’s Health Week. So today we’re bringing you some go-to resources for health information specific to men. Did you know that men are less likely than women to get regular checkups? Many diseases, like colon cancer and heart disease, can be prevented and treated with early diagnosis, so it’s important for men to see their doctor regularly. Now is the perfect time to (gently) remind that dad, spouse, brother, uncle, grandfather, partner, or friend in your life to make that appointment.

Image: CDC/ Amanda Mills

Because so many health conditions are preventable, it only makes sense that we should all—not just men—take care of ourselves on a daily basis by eating well, exercising, avoiding smoking, and limiting alcohol intake. For more information on health issues specific to men, check out these resources.

CDC – Heart Health and Depression: What Men Need to Know

Did you know that heart health is linked to mental health? According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), men can have different symptoms of depression than women, including sleeping difficulties and abusing alcohol. This website provides some tips on how men can protect their mind and their heart.

CDC – National Men’s Health Week

The CDC has an easy to read website with tips on what men can do to get healthy now and stay there. There are links on coping with stress, quitting smoking, the benefits of sleep, managing blood pressure, cancer, HIV/AIDs, and more.

CDC – Prostate Cancer Awareness 

Prostate cancer is the most common form of non-skin cancer in American men, and it typically affects men who are older than 65 years of age.  This website provides information on prostate cancer symptoms, screening tests, and information on whether or not you should be screened. Of course, you should always see your health care provider to see which course of action is best for you.


No surprise here, right? We always include MedlinePlus from the National Library of Medicine on our list of bookmark-worthy resources. MedlinePlus has an entire page devoted to Men’s Health, including an easy-to-read guide to help men take charge of their health, which is also available in Spanish. There is information on diagnosis, tests, treatment, etc., for a variety of conditions.

U.S. Office of Minority of Health

The Office of Minority Health from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has a website devoted to Men’s Health Month (June). There is a helpful infographic on what men can do to “stay at the top of their game” and lots of links to other resources on men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, smoking, and mental health.


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