Top 5 Apps for Spring

An oldie but a goodie: this post was originally published on 4/6/17.

Spring is here and it’s time to clear out and simplify our lives. To make your lives easier we rounded up some cool apps that will help you de-clutter, shape up, and get organized. Let’s do this!


FileThis app

1. FileThis

Voted one of the top 12 apps you should be using (but aren’t!), FileThis is a bill organizer and money manager to help you finally get those pesky receipts under control. FileThis can create bill reminders and track all of your account balances. Even better, it uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to automatically label and tag all of your documents, receipts, and statements, making them searchable. It will automatically create and name searchable PDFs that you can store where you choose, including Dropbox.

Free for iOS and Android

Artkive app

2. Artkive

If you’re like me and have little ones, your house (and fridge door) is exploding with school artwork! Do what I did and download Artkive. Take a picture of your kids’ artwork and once the pieces have had their time to shine on the fridge, you won’t feel guilty about tossing them. Artkive chronologically stores your child’s artwork—a cool feature that lets you see what their artwork looked like at age 2 and at age 8. You can also share and print right from the app. Turn your kids’ creations into gifts by using the app to make high quality photo books, phone cases, blankets, and more.

$4.99 for iOS; Free for Android

Spring Cleaning Checklist app

3. Spring Cleaning Checklist

Create a spring cleaning checklist for every room in your house with this comprehensive app. The app automatically creates a list of chores to get your house in tip-top shape. Did you remember to wipe down the blades of your ceiling fan? No? That’s why you need this app!

Some of the spring cleaning checklists available in this app

Free for Android

Lose It! app

4. Lose It!

For a lot of people spring means time to get in shape for the summer. Lose It! can help you do just that. Enter in your information and the app will create a custom weight loss plan for you. Set exercise and nutrition goals, track your activity and food intake, create challenges to help you meet your goals individually or with friends and family. The coolest part: the app works with Snap It—take a picture of your food and Snap It figures out the calorie and nutrient information automatically. Lose It! is also Apple Watch compatible.

Free for iOS and Android

Yummly app

5. Yummly

This Apple Watch compatible app lets you view over one million recipes based on your preferences. “Yum” recipes and the app will you give you recommendations and inspirations based on what you like. This Pinterest-like app lets you save and organize recipes into collections so you can keep coming back to tried and true favorites. Add ingredients from any recipe to create a shopping list.

Free for iOS and Android

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