Tech Talk Thursday: Technology News Roundup

Want all the latest info in the tech realm? With so much technology news out there, it is easy to fall into an internet black hole of headlines, so we are here to help! Here’s a roundup of the latest interesting techy articles floating around the internet.

6 Ways to Delete Yourself from the Internet
Whether you’re concerned about identity theft or just want to escape the system, here’s a useful starting point to erase yourself from the internet.

Moon to Get 4G Coverage in 2019
This was just too good to pass up. Why, you might ask, would the Moon need 4G coverage? Well, the same reason Elon Musk launched a Tesla into space: because we can!

iPad Mini Line to be Discontinued?
This is just one of many speculative articles out there at the moment. Starting back around September 2017, after no new updates were offered for the iPad Mini, the tech community began to buzz about the possible reasons why. This article guesses at a possible replacement of the Mini with a new iPad Mini Pro, but others just offer that the line will be completely removed. (You can read other articles here and decide for yourself: , )

5 Best Tablets You Can Buy in 2018
This one is pretty straightforward. Here are some of the best tablets on the market this year.

Apple Confirms It Uses Google Cloud for iCloud
Yep, that’s right, Apple’s “iCloud” is actually supported by Google’s Cloud platform. Read on to understand what “Google acquired Apple as a customer a little while back” really means.

Why Pluto TV is the Free Streaming Service You’ve Been Waiting For
I’ve never heard of nor tried Pluto TV but if it’s as amazing as this article claims, I’m going to give it a shot. The new streaming service supposedly boasts multiple channel availability in the form of a diverse app capable of being accessed on multiple platforms.

Best New Phones 2018: Should I Upgrade Now?
With Apple releasing three new phones in 2018, and Samsung introducing two new Samsung Galaxy S9 phones (and don’t forget LG, Sony, and even Nokia), there’s a lot of comparing to do! Here’s a quick low down on the most anticipated phones hitting the markets this year.

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