A Round-Up of Bookish Holiday Crafts

As librarians, we LOVE books. We love reading books, talking about books, recommending books, and helping students find the books they need. We even love crafting with books! Bookish crafts are fun to do, and they help give some of your old books new life as you turn them into decorations, ornaments, light fixtures, and more! If you can’t bring yourself to craft with any of your beloved books, making a trip to a thrift shop might be a good way to get a bunch of cheap books to use in your crafts. This week we’ve rounded up a selection of bookish crafts you can do with your loved ones this holiday season!

Book Page Ornament

These ornaments are perfect to add a little sparkle to any book-lovers’ tree!

Paper Star Book Ornaments

These small ornaments are a good way to show your love of books on your Christmas tree – you can even personalize them with an initial to make these the perfect gift for a loved one!

Shimmering Stacked Trees

This Martha Stewart craft calls for newspaper sheets, but we think they would be even more lovely made out of the pages of How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

Vintage Book Wreath

This wreath can add a little sparkle to any book-lovers’ door!

Book Purse

Do you love books so much that you want to wear one? Why not turn your favorite book into a purse? This could be a fashionable holiday craft if you use a classic like A Christmas Carol.

Upcycled Book Snowman

This craft is the perfect way to turn an old paperback into a cute desk decoration!

Stacked Books Table Lamp

If you’re looking for a more challenging project with an awesome payoff, this might be the craft for you! Turn a stack of old books into a lamp to provide light for you to read new books!

Happy crafting! (And happy holidays!!)

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