Interlibrary Loan: The Library Service You Should Absolutely Be Using

An oldie but a goodie: this post was originally published on 4/23/15.

You’ve probably stopped by our library once or twice and noticed that we have very few books on our shelves compared to most libraries. The actual number is somewhere around 1,100, but out of those, 737 are allowed to be checked out; the rest are meant to exclusively serve the medical curriculum that is taught at the College.

Being a specialized library, we realize that most of the books available for you to checkout probably wouldn’t be considered light reading. Should you find yourself interested in reading up on medical procedures, terms, or techniques, we’d be happy to point you in the correct direction – just stop by the front desk and ask one of our staff to help you find what you’re looking for on our shelves! For all our other avid readers who don’t quite fancy brushing up on their medical knowledge, we’d like to introduce you to (or remind you about) our Interlibrary Loan service!

ill blog article 2

Interlibrary Loan allows us to request books we don’t have from other libraries across the state. For instance, if you really wanted to read The Lord of the Rings, we could create a request to borrow that book from another library since we don’t own a copy of it. They would send it to us, and we would check it out to you for a few weeks. Afterwards, we would send the book back to the library we borrowed it from.  The books arrive by mail, so it can take a few days for a request to be processed and shipped to us by a library depending on how far away it is. Loan periods can vary; one library may let you have the book for a month, while another will only let you borrow it for 3 weeks. There are a few restrictions (textbooks and bestsellers are typically pretty hard to get a hold of), but generally most books can be requested through this service.

One super convenient part to this service is that we can have books delivered to us from the John C. Hitt library on UCF’s main campus! They have a very extensive collection, including fiction titles.  If there is a book you want to borrow from the main campus library, but don’t have time to get over to that side of town, we can request that the Interlibrary Loan staff over there send us the book for you through the courier.

Did we mention that all of this happens at absolutely no charge to you? All you need to do is register for an ILLiad account on our website, and we’ll take care of the rest. You can shoot our Interlibrary Loan staff an email with any questions you might have about the process.

As summer slowly but surely approaches, we encourage you to take advantage of Interlibrary Loan so that you can have plenty of reading material for road trips, beach trips, and long lunch breaks!

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