Monday Morning Round-Up #10


Welcome to Monday Morning Round-Up, featuring what’s new in health and medicine from around the web!

Cholera death toll in Yemen reaches at least 180: Red Cross via Reuters Health News

Cholera has killed at least 180 people in Yemen in recent weeks, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said on Monday, a day after authorities declared a state of emergency in the capital Sanaa and called for international help.

Houston Hospital Checking To See If Patients’ Cupboards Are Bare via Kaiser Health News

Starting in fall 2015, clinicians at Houston-based Memorial Hermann Health System began to examine the food struggles among patients at four medical sites, as well as emergency rooms and 10 school-based clinics in areas with high rates of poverty. They’ve asked patients two questions: Did you run out of food in the prior month, or did you think that you would? Depending upon the location surveyed, 11 percent to 30 percent said they did.

Researcher with stage 4 cancer launches site to help others navigate clinical trials via Stat News

Among patients with colon cancer, researcher Tom Marsilje has made a name for himself by helping others learn about new clinical trials. He has scoured the database, circulated a weekly spreadsheet, and served as a clearinghouse for patients desperate for a chance to beat back their disease. On Wednesday, in partnership with a New York-based health technology startup and the advocacy group Fight Colorectal Cancer, Marsilje launched a free online site that largely automates the clinical trials search for patients with his disease, known as microsatellite stable (or MSS) colon cancer.

More than 1.2 million adolescents die every year, nearly all preventable via the World Health Organization

More than 3000 adolescents die every day, totaling 1.2 million deaths a year, from largely preventable causes, according to a new report from WHO and partners. Road traffic injuries, lower respiratory infections, and suicide are the biggest causes of death among adolescents. Most of these deaths can be prevented with good health services, education and social support. But in many cases, adolescents who suffer from mental health disorders, substance use, or poor nutrition cannot obtain critical prevention and care services – either because the services do not exist, or because they do not know about them.

‘Boot Camp’ Helps Alzheimer’s, Dementia Caregivers Take Care Of Themselves, Too via Kaiser Health News

Doctors and researchers increasingly recognize that caring for people with dementia compromises the physical and mental health of the caregivers. And that, in turn, jeopardizes the well-being of the people they are caring for. UCLA holds four caregiver boot camps a year at community and senior centers around Southern California and hopes to expand over the next year to meet the growing need. About 5 million Americans, 1 in 10 people over 65, have Alzheimer’s disease — a number that could balloon to 16 million by 2050, according to the Alzheimer’s Association.

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