Seven Apps for Wellness

According to, wellness is “the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.” To build on this definition, aside from being a deliberate practice of healthy behaviors, I like to think of wellness as a holistic concept, made up of achieving fulfillment in many areas including financial wellness, social wellness, physical wellness, emotional wellness, etc. Achieving optimal wellness can feel like a precarious balancing act. Drinking enough water, getting exercise, saving money, attending to your emotional state, spending time with friends and family, managing stress… it’s easy to get stressed about all the ways you want to stay well! To make maintaining your wellness a little easier, we’ve rounded up a series of smart phone apps that can contribute to the various domains of your health.

Physical wellness – Plant Nanny

This cute app helps remind you to drink enough water. To record drinking water, you water your virtual plant and it grows over time. If you don’t drink enough water the plant can start to shrivel and shrink.

iOS, Android

Physical wellness – Zombies, Run!

With this running app, your mission is to keep humanity safe in the zombie apocalypse! With every walk or run you can rescue survivors, go on supply runs, and help build up your encampment. But when the zombies get close, you better run faster!

iOS, Android

Physical/Mental wellness: Sleep Cycle

This sleep tracker and smart alarm can help you get more restful sleep. The app uses your phone’s microphone or accelerometer to track your sleep cycles, allowing you to see your sleep patterns over time. Also, you can either set a traditional alarm or give the app a time window in which to wake you up – it will wake you when you’re at your lightest sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed.

iOS, Android

Financial wellness – Mint

With this budgeting app you can set up multiple monthly sub-budgets as well as organize your purchases. You can monitor your spending habits with beautifully rendered graphs, set up bill reminders, and get personalized spending advice.

iOS, Android

Emotional wellness – Calm

Calm offers a full library of guided meditations and breathing exercises, as well as a timer for unguided meditations. The app also features Sleep Stories, combinations of music, sound effects, and soothing voice to drift you off to sleep.

iOS, Android

Emotional/Mental wellness – Stress Baal

If meditation isn’t your game, this strange little stress-reliving app might be more your speed. The app is simple, you just open the app and beat up the little demon creature that lives inside it (don’t worry, he’s basically indestructible). While a little silly, the app does offer a focused mini-break, which might be just what your brain needs.

iOS, Android

Intellectual wellness – Coursera

This app is great for developing your skills and your mind, and it can help you explore areas that you find interesting. The app (and website) houses more than 2000 MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) from more than 120 universities from around the world on topics from math to medicine to music. Many of the courses are free, or you can take more intensive courses for a subscription fee.

iOS, Android

What are your favorite apps to help you manage your wellness? Let us know in the comments below!


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