In Celebration of Brilliant Women: March is Women’s History Month!

An oldie but a goodie: this post was originally published on March 17, 2016,

March is Women’s History Month, and with an all-female staff here at the Health Sciences Library and some serious lady-pride in our back pockets (except that they still don’t really make dresses with pockets – it’s 2017, people! Time for some pocket equality!), we are thrilled to be celebrating this month with all of you.

Although it is clear that women have come a long way in American history, the glass ceiling seems to be alive and well in academic medicine. According to the American Association of Medical Colleges, although nearly half of American medical students and medical residents are women (47% and 46%, respectively), only 16% of deans, 15% of department chairs, and 33% of senior associate/vice deans are women. As of 2014, only 22 out of the 141 deans of American medical schools were women.

Here at the UCF College of Medicine, we’re lucky to be ahead of the national curve. For example, 60% of our Medical Education faculty are women, whereas the national average for female medical school faculty is only 38%. Plus, we’re lucky to have Dean Deborah German as our fearless leader and one of the 22 female medical school deans in the U.S. In the spirit of celebrating brilliant women like those studying and employed at UCF COM, we’ve gathered just a few of the many women who have made an impact on the medical profession throughout history.


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