Tech Talk Thursday: iOS 10 Summer Sneak Peek!

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It’s that time again, Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference 2016 (WWDC2016) kicked off its June preview with the demo of the highly anticipated new operating system for mobile devices, iOS 10! Some tech blogs are referring to this as the “Biggest iOS Release Ever”. No pressure, Apple! Along with iOS 10, Apple will also be releasing a new macOS, Sierra, as well as new softwares in tvOS and watchOS. The public beta version of iOS 10 will become available sometime in July and can be found here, if you’re interested:

Without further ado, here are some of the highlights iOS 10 will have to offer:


-A new “TapBack” text response feature will allow you to tap and choose from a list of standard responses.

-Ability to draw/edit on pictures as well as videos!

-Something called Text Stickers, a feature I’m considering comparable to Facebook stickers.

-Tap highlighted or selected words and replace them with emojis.

-iMessage Apps, you will be able to access apps without having to leave Messages. I’m guessing this will perform similarly to keyboard function much like GIF Keyboard.

-More! I could write an entire blog post just about the new messaging features that will come out with this release but let’s move on.



-Siri will now open apps upon command and operate within those apps. For example, make payments with Square or schedule a ride through Lyft.


The Search Along Route feature for iOS 10.

The Search Along Route feature for iOS 10.

-You will have the option to make a reservation through apps like OpenTable or schedule a ride with Uber. It’s not mentioned if this feature will also be available through Siri but I assume it will be.

-Maps will make “proactive” suggestions for fastest routes. I believe Central Florida residents will be the best test group for this during rush hour on I-4.

-You will be able to search for places along your route, like gas, good, shopping, etc. And Maps will adjust for extra time if you choose to stop.

-Maps will remember where you parked! If you are not at home, it will mark your parking location (perfect for summer theme park season)!



-New “Memories” feature within your photos will let you “rediscover” old photos and make new memories.

-Your photos will become searchable by subject content. If you want to search for a picture of your friends at the lake, just type in “Lake” and every photo you have with a lake in it will pop up. I haven’t decided if this is creepy or cool.



-New Home app lets you control your lights, door locks, window shades, etc. Assuming you have your house rigged for this function.

-New “Raise to Wake” feature! You will no longer have to tap a button to wake up your phone, simply pick it up! This might be the most exciting feature for me.

-Multilingual typing! Type in more than one language without having to switch keyboards!

-Redesigned Music features. This is another one that has me excited, the option to maximize your storage capacity based on music that you have not listened to in a while. Yes please and thank you!

-Delete Native Apple apps! Holy cow! Okay, so it’s not a true delete but will give you the ability to remove user data and hooks from those apps that you never downloaded, don’t want, and can’t get rid of. CNET gave a hopeful speculation/wishful request that this will change by the time the true version is released in Fall 2016.

-New feature called “Rich Notifications” allows you to view photos, videos, and respond to messages from the Notifications screen. Not to be confused with the Notifications Center which also will change.

-3D touch will become available in more apps like Weather, Stocks, Calendar. Okay, if you’re like me you’ve been hearing this term “3D touch” for a hot minute but have never taken the time to understand what that is. Here’s the shakedown; basically it’s pressure sensitive touch.  If you have an iPhone6S or 6S Plus and “deep press” and hold the screen instead of just tapping it, different options will become available to you.

Well, there you have it. There were many more features previewed as well as hidden ones that iOS 10 has to offer. It’s also important to remember that some of these might change by the time the software is officially released for free download in Fall 2016. Enjoy the rest of your summer as we all wait with bated breath for FALL!

If you own any of these devices, you're in luck! iOS 10 is compatible.

If you own any of these devices, you’re in luck! iOS 10 is compatible.



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