Tech Talk Thursday: CES 2016 Review

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The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) hosted by the Consumer Technology Association had its annual show this year January 5th-8th  in Las Vegas, Nevada. As one of the most anticipated electronics shows of the year CES should stand for “Can’t Even Start” to tell you about ALL the latest and greatest of innovation in technology! This one time I’m thankful that what happened in Vegas didn’t stay there. Great re-caps and editorials are provided at CESs website found here:

The overall theme of CES this year was  “Big Data and the Internet of Things”. Both were referenced and used as the pivot point in almost every keynote presentation, which is valid with e-commerce on the horizon but presently driving our economy. CEO of IBM, Ginni Rometty was quoted saying “Big Data is the world’s natural resource for the next century”.

While there is more than enough award winning electronics and highlights to gush about, I definitely had my personal favorites. Here are a few droplets from the ocean of information given this year at CES!

Omron's Project Zero upper arm blood pressure device

Omron’s Project Zero upper arm blood pressure device

Health and Wellness technology has been revolutionized. It was “front and center” this year in exhibitions. Products like the Rhythm from iHealth are setting a new trend in tech terminology.  Instead of being a wearable, it is being coined as being a “forgettable”, though not in a negative way.  iHealth would instead like to pose the argument that a wearable device is a conscious decision whereas the Rhythm can be a forgettable device; you put it on once to capture ECG/EKG rhythms and walk away. A marketing initiative that may or may not take off but I applaud their bravado. While the Rhythm may or may not be forgettable, wearables were king at CES this year. From Omron Health Care came not one but two wearable blood pressure capture and monitoring systems, one that can be worn on the wrist and one on the upper arm. MedWand debuted its device with its namesake, a handheld medical scanner that includes thermometer, heart rate sensor, blood oxygen sensor, otoscope, and digital stethoscope, it’s due to launch sometime this year. For a more comprehensive rundown of all health related electronics debuted this year check out Mobi Health News’s review here:

While robots roamed the exhibition floor as well as made special appearances on stage, famed and innovative speakers told amazing stories. Some of my favorite speakers were CEO of IBM Ginni Rometty, Samsung’s Dr. WP Hong, Netflix’s co-founder Reed Hastings (Who doesn’t want to hear what this guy has to say?!), and an interview with Deepak Chopra. I have a lot more I could list *cough* Intel, GM, YouTube *cough* but honestly, you’ll get sucked in like I did once you’re perusing the website for yourself. A more morose yet still very thought provoking panel discussed business sustainability in consumer electronics. Moderator Joel Makower, Exec. Editor of Greenbiz, opens with remarks on the global market for consumer electronics, noting it is supposed to grow 15.4% compounded annually between now and end of the decade, citing stats from Future Markets Insights. Some of the more freaky facts are that annually there are 42 million tons of “e-waste”. While only 2% of landfills in the US are currently filled with electronics, 70% of the heavy metals found in landfills are from trashed technology. Anyone else having a flash of WALL-E right now? Watch this panel along with other videos from this year’s CES here:

Curved TVs on display in the CES exhibition hall

Curved TVs on display in the CES exhibition hall

Along with the fluent use of new terms like “New Cognitive Era”, “Smart Homes”, and “E-Waste” there were exhibitions with curved TVs, cutting edge automotives, and smart watches as far as the eye can see! At the close of its 49th year CES was record breaking in every aspect, to name a few of those; 3800 Exhibitors, 170K Attendees, 50K International Attendees, 6000+ Media! Well done, CES, we all look forward to next year!

Faraday's new concept car

Faraday’s new concept car

Want to know what’s to come in the year of 2016? Check out this article:

Best of CES Awards!

Click here to see the list of products shown at CES 2016: Products List of CES 2016

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