Tech Talk Thursday: Adobe ditches Flash! Or has it?

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Is Adobe Flash finally being put out to pasture?

You’re likely very familiar with Adobe Flash. Or at the very least, you’re used to seeing a window like this pop-up every once in a while as you browse the internet for cat videos and whatnot.

Admit it, you click the "Remind Me Later" button too, right?

Admit it, you click the “Remind Me Later” button too, right?

Flash has been around for a while. Back in the 90’s as the internet was getting to be kind of a big deal, the software was acquired from a company called FutureWave Software by a graphics, multimedia and web development software company named Macromedia (that’s a throwback); it went from being named FutureSplash to being called Macromedia Flash. Adobe took over Flash in 2005 when it acquired Macromedia. Flash in all of its forms has been a platform for creating things like vector-based graphics and animations – it’s likely behind many of the mobile games on your smartphone or tablet! You may be more aware of how Flash is used to stream audio and video while on the web courtesy of the Adobe Flash Player.

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