Tech Talk Thursday: Sales Season Death Battle!

Beyond the retail tradition of shopping on Thanksgiving and Black Friday is now the steady fast Cyber Monday. But how is a shopper supposed to siphon out the best deal and on which day? I was overwhelmed and worried by the prospect of having to sort through an indigestible amount of Black Friday ads and mailing lists. What if I end up buying something I could get for a better deal on Cyber Monday? How is anyone supposed to get the best deal when Cyber Monday deals are usually not even announced until after Black Friday? What is this madness!?!?!

While I quested for the answers the biggest lesson I learned is that being a bargain shopper is all about your homework. Here’s the shakedown for the epic sales battle of Thanksgiving  vs. Black Friday  vs. Cyber Monday, when to shop and what to buy!


Black Friday shopping can be overwhelming – let us help!

If you’re looking to purchase an electronic device you will have the best luck on Black Friday or possibly even Thanksgiving day. This year many stores began their deals November 2nd referring to it as “Black November”. Amazon, for example, has already begun along with Target, Walmart, and Best Buy. See some of their deals here:

Some bloggers believe Thanksgiving is good for large electronics like TVs while smaller ones like Xboxs and iPhones will be a better deal on Black Friday, but it probably shifts over the years. For clothing and smaller boutique items, go with Cyber Monday.

If you want to search and track your sale season items go to for Cyber Monday and for Black Friday.

But if browsing isn’t your style, here are a couple great Black Friday deal guides:

Now that we have at least two points of attack for this shopping season, let’s round it out with a visual. The chart below was posted by and I love them for it!

Black Friday Weekend Deal Chart

Good luck on all your retail endeavors this holiday season!


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