National Medical Librarians Month starts October 1st

Google Solo

Obviously, geeky references and librarianship go hand in hand. This pleases me.

Seriously though, where has the time gone and how is it already a week from October? 2015 has been busy for our library staff, but we couldn’t ask for a better group of colleagues and students to be so busy for. Thanks for letting  us do what we do for you!

October 1st marks the beginning of National Medical Librarians month. The Medical Library Association dedicates each October to celebrating information professionals who provide expert assistance and guidance to students, faculty,  other health care providers and everyday consumers looking for health information inside health sciences and medical libraries.

Not to toot our own horns too loudly, but we really encourage you to bring any health related inquiries you may have downstairs (or upstairs!) to the second floor. Curious to know more about a particular medical condition? Though we’re certainly no replacement for a trained physician you know and trust, we pride ourselves on being able to provide our patrons with excellent resources and health information from reliable and safe sources that you can take to the office and talk with your doctor about, or learn more about something you’ve previously discussed with your doctor. Remember to ask a librarian before you ask “Dr. Google”! Of course, if you need help with scholarly research, we’ve got you covered as well. With subscription access to over 1000 electronic journals, our librarians can show you how to make the most of our collections and find the best quality research for your needs.

What are some ways we’ve most been able to help you? How have our services managed to make your day, or solve a problem you had? How can we evolve what we do to do it even better?  We’d love to know your favorite experience working with a member of our library team, or to hear any thoughts you might have about the services we provide. Share with us in the comments, or feel free to swing by the library throughout October to chat with us (or ask us for help if you have a question!).

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