Tech Talk Thursday: Apple Harvests Early this Year

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Apple's September 2014 Keynote Event

Apple’s September 2014 Keynote Event

The greatly anticipated and legendary event that is Apple’s annual platform for debuting the cream of their product crop is rumored to be early this year. Usually Apple debuts new devices and software in October or November but this year it’s suggested to be sometime during the week of September 7th.

Some might say the date is irrelevant as 2015 promises to be a big year for new Apple products.

Based off of Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in June of this year, consumers are promised iOS 9, OS X 10.11 named El Capitan, WatchOS 2, an improved software for the Apple Watch still in its infancy, and Apple Music (which if you are like me, you do not appreciate having to fend off yet another advance from a streaming music company charging me money for music I’ve already purchased).

Starting the cattle call of products is the launch of yet another new iPhone; rumors have circled that this could be the new savior of Apple since iPad sales have been slowly sinking since October 2014. Rumors have also surfaced of a bigger BAD-der iPad making an appearance with product names such as “iPad Pro” and “iPad Plus”. But the most highly demanded  update due out this year will be an updated Apple TV which is said to feature Siri Support (or insults depending on your relationship with Siri), new remote control, updated user interface and more.

Whether you are an Apple enthusiast or not, 2015 offers hope of an exciting year in technology and software development and at the very least endless opportunities for Android and Apple users to keep their rivalry ripe with promise.

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