Tech Talk Thursday: New Tech in the Library Space

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The new semester is off and rolling! It’s only been three days, but the library is already starting to feel lively again now that the students have returned.

As we were preparing for the new school year, we wanted to include some additional useful technology in our study spaces. You may know that you can check-out various chargers for your mobile devices (iPhones, iPads, Android phones) from our front desk during our business hours. After the library closes at 5pm during the week or over the weekend, library staff aren’t available to loan out these items. Our solution? Provide library users with another way to charge their devices inside the library without the assistance of our library staff.  Say hello to our new charging stations!

Charging Station 1 Charging Station 2





We’ve placed one charging station in the Library Common’s area, and another in the Quiet (Reading Room) Area. Each station can charge up to 8 devices at a time, and there are different cords for different types of devices. Feel free to come by and use them, even during our business hours!

Our other new piece of technology is our 80-inch touchscreen display, parked just outside the library doors!


It’s really quite the eye-catcher. We can use this to display a number of things, from announcements to demonstrations. We hope to be able to bring back our TEDTalk Tuesdays by utilizing this screen later on in the Fall.

Any tech you can think of that might be useful in the library space? We’re always open to suggestions! Shoot us an email at

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