Info Expo Summer 2015 Technology Symposium – Our Take

Last Thursday, the Health Sciences Library team hosted another edition of our popular lunch and learn-esque series, the HSL Info Expo! Thanks again to everyone that was able to attend. We tried something a little different this time, opting to host the event in the summer instead of the spring as is typical, and gave the event a more conference/symposium feel to suit the information that was being provided (usually we do some sort of theme). We had a great time! These selfie-stick pictures seem to indicate that many of our attendees also enjoyed the session:

Aside from selfie-stick shenanigans, our three presenters came prepared to share some great information. Nadine Dexter, our Director, gave everyone an overview of the 2015 Horizon Report, which focuses on key trends that will become a big deal in the next 1-5 years. Nadine is a big fan of the report, as it gives us an idea of what new technologies we can expect to see, and how our library and the medical school might be impacted by those changes.

Shalu Gillum, our Head of Public Services gave a talk on some of the apps and gadgets that came out this summer, as well as some that were just pretty cool and useful. Check out her list – you might find something interesting in there! Additionally, if you missed the blog post from last week, she posted a bunch of extras she wasn’t able to include in the presentation for the Expo that you can check out as well.  From the feedback we received, this part of the Expo was really well received, so we think we’ll keep the Apps & Gadgets portion as a permanent Info Expo segment!

Raney Collins, one of our talented library staff, provided an overview and brief demo of Thalmic Labs’ Myo, a gesture-based armband meant for use in presentations. Once the Myo is really ready for primetime, it should be a pretty useful tool in many areas, from business to gaming. Our Tech Talk Thursday blog post at the beginning of July previewed the Myo, but you can check out a video of how the Myo works in presentation mode on the Thalmic Labs Youtube channel, along with many other interesting videos.

Questions about any of the topics we discussed? We’d be happy to talk with you about them! Just stop by the library or send us an email at Info Expo is by far one of our favorite events to put on at the College of Medicine. It’s a lot of work, but definitely worth it once it’s all come together. We hope you all look forward to our next one!

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