Tech Talk Thursday: Exploring a Device for Cluster Headache Stimulation Therapy

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Technological advances in medicine are diving into prevention and treatment of chronic headaches and migraines with an electronic implant! Autonomic Technologies, Inc. has created their own ATI Neurostimulation System, an implant that would be inserted in the upper gums of your mouth to stimulate the sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG) nerve bundle.


While the exact cause of cluster headaches is unknown, the SPG is closely associated with the trigeminal nerve, which is the main nerve involved in headache disorders. During cluster headaches, pain signals carried by the trigeminal nerve pass through the SPG and sometimes trigger autonomic reactions like tearing of the eyes or nasal congestion.

Click here to see how it works! You could have a remote control for your face if you suffer from chronic headaches! Cool huh?

In November of 2013, Horizon Scanning Centre, part of the National Institute for Health Research, reported and predicted earliest commercial availability in the UK for the ATI Neurostimulation System would be over two years, and it looks like we’re getting close! In August 2014 ran an article about the first US patient to receive the implant for study. Other test subjects were also set up at the time. Currently data is being collected on these studies! If you know someone who suffers from debilitating chronic headaches or migraines…keep them in mind, hah!


Interested in Articles and Studies on this subject?

Long Term Safety of the ATI Neurostimulation System

Data Collection on the ATI Neurostimulation Stystem

European Results on Efficacy of ATI Neurostimulation System



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