Happy Birthday, The Scoop!

This month marks one whole year of  issues for our bathroom newsletter, The Scoop!

It's a birthday party! Naturally, we had to get a cake.

It’s a birthday party! Naturally, we had to get a cake.

For those of you not on the second floor of the Medical Education building, The Scoop is the name of our monthly newsletter that features information on events going on at the library, app recommendations, and other useful information and tidbits. It is posted in the stalls of the bathrooms closest to the library, and is a fun way to engage our library patrons. The Scoop is also housed on our website, so you can download PDFs of each issue.

Depending on the season or month, the header of our newsletter might change slightly. What started as a fun deviation from the normal header last summer has become an almost regular game of dress-up that has elicited quite a few smiles. Our dapper cat mascot, whom some of our students have apparently affectionately dubbed “Scoop”, has donned a number of accessories to reflect appropriate occasions or themes.

Here he is in his summer gear, the outfit that started it all:


There was also that time he masqueraded as the Dark Knight for Halloween:


He was cozy in snow drifts in December:


And accompanied by a friend in February:


This month, he’s appropriately dressed for his birthday party:


Did you know that the Hitt Library on UCF’s main campus also has a bathroom newsletter?  Appropriately titled “InSTALLments”, their newsletter is available in every bathroom on all 5 floors of the library. Like ours, PDFs of each issue can be downloaded on their website.  Their newsletter has been around since Fall 2006, so we have a long way to go before our archives are anywhere near the size of theirs. We’re up to the challenge though!

Our Scoop Team, from left to right: Natasha, Shalu, and Kerry

The Scoop Team, from left to right: Natasha, Shalu, and Kerry

So, what other looks will our cat debut in Volume 2? What new apps will we review? We hope you’ll keep reading and look forward to finding out. Our Scoop Team really enjoys putting together the newsletter and is pretty thrilled it’s been so well received. If you have content suggestions or want to see anything in particular covered in one of our issues, please let us know by sending an email to us at medlibrary@ucf.edu!



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