Try UCF Apps For All Your Software Needs!

Suppose it’s Friday evening after 5pm, and you have to give a last minute presentation to your department first thing Monday morning. You’re not finished creating it yet, but between taking the kids out to that movie they really want to see and picking the dog up from the vet before it closes, you really can’t stay at work any longer. You would work on the document at home over the weekend, but you don’t have the latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint on your laptop. The library is closed, or you would run to the second floor and checkout a laptop, and it’s not the IT department’s policy to load software onto personal devices. Looks like you’re staying at work a while longer, right?

Luckily enough, UCF has your back. Introducing UCF Apps!

From their website, “UCF Apps provides you access to software you need for your coursework from any device, at any time, from any where” – sounds like our kind of service, don’t you think? The multi-year project is being funded by the UCF Technology Fee, which has brought some neat things to the University in the past that you might not know about.

All current students, faculty, and staff have access to most of the available software applications UCF Apps is able to provide. Some of the basic software includes Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint, and even SPSS if statistical software is something you need to use.

To use UCF Apps on a computer running Windows or Mac OS, follow these instructions (for a video of the installation process, go here and skip to 0:57 seconds in):

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your NID and NID password
  3. Install the Citrix Receiver client when prompted
  4. When the install is finished, add the applications you need by clicking the “+” on the left-hand side of the browser window
  5. Start using your apps and do all  the work!

If you’re all about using your Android or Apple iOS device (phone or tablet) instead of your laptop, you can utilize UCF Apps on those as well!

  1. Go to your device app store
  2. Search for, download, and install the free Citrix Receiver app
  3. Click add account and fill out the following information:
    1. Address:
    2. Username: Your NID
    3. Password: Your NID Password
    4. Domain: net
  4. Add the applications you need
  5. Continue to be amazed by your productivity!

If you’re looking for really specific instructions, the Get Help page on their site even breaks down the installation process by web browser.

It was mentioned above that you can always checkout a laptop from the library if you need one during our business hours (pending availability). We have some good software loaded on our devices, but if you can’t make it down to see us, we hope UCF Apps provides a great second option for you. As the service becomes more popular, it’s likely they’ll add some more software offerings to their catalog. To keep up with the latest from UCF Apps, follow them on Twitter @UCFApps.

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