Need a reason to look forward to Tuesdays? We’ve got one!

If you haven’t had yet noticed the brand new (huge!) TV we have mounted in the library, we hope you’ll take the chance to notice it now that we’ve come up with a fun new way to use it. Watching the news all day every day can get monotonous, so we’ve decided to devote one day every week to innovation, fresh ideas, and inspirational concepts. Introducing TEDTalk Tuesdays!


TED Talks are a great way to learn about how peoples from different communities and walks of life all around the world are shaping their worlds, changing attitudes, and using the power of ideas to engage and discuss new ways to look at a variety of concepts. Each talk is somewhere between maybe 1 and 18 minutes long, and can cover a myriad of topics.  Earlier this year in September, we hosted a live stream viewing of the TEDMED 2014 event held in Washington, DC and San Francisco, CA, which was full of great talks around the 2014 theme, Unlocking Imagination.

While we can’t have the volume up on the monitor (we are a library after all), each talk is subtitled for your reading pleasure! Please feel free to stop by and catch a Talk – we usually pick a playlist of interest and proceed to enjoy whichever presentations are shown. If you’re on Twitter, use the hashtag #TEDTalkTuesdays to let us know what you think of the day’s videos. If you can’t join us weekly, we invite you to visit the official TED site and check out all of the interesting videos they have to offer.