Have you found your free gift from Apple yet?

During the Apple keynote two weeks ago, music icons U2 performed some of their music from their new album, Songs of Innocence, as a part of the show.  It was also announced that Apple would be giving the entire album away for free to every iTunes user. Think about how many potential users that is; pretty cool, right?

What hadn’t exactly been explained was the fact that this album would actually be automatically pushed to your iTunes account through the cloud by Apple, without you having to do a thing (if you have automatic downloads turned on). If you haven’t checked out the contents of your iTunes music library in a little while, go into your device, open the app, and check the Albums tab for “Songs of Innocence”.  Surprise!

While it’s nothing new that Apple can push things to your devices (software updates for example), there’s been a fair amount of backlash over this little gift, so much so that Apple has actually released a tool for removing the album from your iTunes. This is what the page looks like!


U2removeIf you’d like to see this album removed from your account, you can access the removal tool here. You have until October 13th to go and get it for free again via iTunes if you have a change of heart, otherwise you’ll have to purchase it.

Speaking of automatic downloads, have you updated your mobile device to the latest version of the operating software? iOS 8 is available for download! Be sure to backup your device in iTunes first, just in case the install doesn’t go so smoothly. If you need any help updating your device to the latest OS, feel free to stop by the library!


Poll time! What are your thoughts on the free album?