National Nutrition Month ends March 31st!


Image courtesy of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

It’s been a busy month at the College of Medicine this March, but perhaps you’ve had a chance to take an interest in your nutrition at some point during your busy schedule? This month was the perfect month to do so, as it was officially National Nutrition Month. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics sponsors this month-long campaign annually, providing lots of helpful resources and tips for managing your nutrition on their website. This year’s theme was “Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right”. According to their website, “Consumer research confirms that taste tops nutrition as the main reason why one food is purchased over another”. The theme for this year was aimed at getting consumers to combine nutrition and taste to produce healthy and delicious meals that also meet the recommendations set forth in the Dietary Guidelines.

finished boardTo do our part to bring the campaign to the COM, we put together an informational display board that has been parked outside the library front doors all month (perhaps you’ve seen it on Popcorn Day?). We’ve gathered some great information regarding some simple tips you can easily start putting into action when thinking about what to buy at the grocery store (for instance, fat-free or skim milk over whole milk – same nutrients, less fat and calories!), or when you’re fixing dinner for your families. In addition to the tips, we’ve┬á provided some recipe cards courtesy of the Academy, and suggested some mobile apps that we thought would be appropriate from our Workplace Wellness LibGuide.


Incidentally, if you haven’t had a chance to check out our Workplace Wellness LibGuide, it also fits in really nicely with the idea of nutrition and wellness. The guide highlights resources that provide access to a wide range of health and medical information available on the web. The “Apps, Widgets, and Toolkits” page of the guide has the most takeaways for visitors, as it includes a bunch of apps (with room for plenty more!) and toolkits to jump-start your own wellness. So far, it has been a great resource to support the Workplace Wellness Study the library and various others around the college have been participating in since August. If you’d like to know more, just ask a librarian! The study concludes in April, so stay tuned for our final report on our findings.

There are still a few days left to check out the display board! Stop by the library and pick up some recipes and read up on the tips we have. If you find you’re just not able to leave your desk, you can always check out the National Nutrition Month website for this information and more.


Survey Time!

Our display boards in front of the library tend to change from month to month, and are an easy way to display great information for everyone to see. So what do you want to learn more about? Any awareness month’s coming up you’d like to see a board about? Maybe you’d like to see some apps showcased? Whatever interests you, we’d love to know! If you have ideas, please feel free to share. Perhaps we can feature your suggestion ­čÖé



Spring has sprung and the COM is busy!

Lots of great events going on this week at the College of Medicine! Today and tomorrow, the 1st and 2nd year students are participating in the 5th annual FIRE Research Conference. The Focused Inquiry and Research Experience Conference showcases the completed research projects of our second year medical students. Select first year students also give oral presentations of projects they will complete in their 2nd year. Visit the 4th floor tomorrow from 9:00am – 12:00pm to discuss the M2 projects with each researcher, and COM102 from 1:00 – 5:00 today and tomorrow for the oral presentations. Follow us on Twitter @ucfcomhsl to see pictures from today and tomorrow!FIRE


Additionally, tomorrow the College will be celebrating its second Match Day as the Class of 2014 finds out where they will be venturing off to complete their residency programs. We did a great post explaining what Match Day is last year when our Charter Class matched, so give it a look if you’re interested in learning more about this tradition. We’ll also be posting pictures from this happy event tomorrow on our Twitter, so look out around noon for those!

Today is also Popcorn Day! We hope to see you in the library at 3pm.  Happy Thursday!



Natural Standard Database: Beer for Lactation, and other Myths – Busted!

EDIT 3/26/15: Natural Standard is now called Natural Medicine! Same great resource, just a new name.

Did you know that the health sciences library subscribes to some excellent, evidence-based databases about complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)? These CAM resources include information on dietary supplements and integrative therapies. Natural Standard in particular uses a grading system to indicate the level of high-quality scientific data available either for or against a particular therapy or medical condition.

Did you also know that people have historically recommended beer for lactating women to increase their milk supply? As crazy as this sounds, this myth still persists today, despite a complete lack of scientific evidence supporting such treatment. In fact, search for “beer” in the Natural Standard database, and you will see several studies (here, here, here, AND here) that actually show that beer as a breast milk stimulant lacks sufficient evidence. By the way, there is also insufficient evidence in favor of beer as a treatment of diabetes, endometrial cancer, esophageal cancer, and osteoporosis, among other conditions!

Natural Standard actually indicates that, “at this time, there is a lack of strong┬áscientific evidence to support beer consumption for any clinical purpose” (sorry, kids). They give beer an Evidence Grade of “C” which means there is “unclear or conflicting scientific evidence” in favor of a particular therapy, based on current randomized controlled trials.

This extensive database also features recipes, multidisciplinary continuing education, and patient handouts. To access Natural Standard and see what myths you┬ácan bust, check out the health sciences library’s Online Databases page and look under “Drug Information” to find this and other great databases. Happy myth busting!