ReelDX 60-day Trial now available!

The Health Sciences Library is trialing ReelDx, a site with real patient video case studies. The purpose of ReelDx is to expand the time medical students have with patients.  The videos put the student in a clinical type setting where they can observe the symptoms on the video, gather patient history, and think critically about the patient diagnosis. Currently, ReelDx only has pediatric videos and cases. They add new cases weekly, and the company plans to expand their medical specialties over time.

Each case video is about 1 minute. Below the video is basic patient information, the actual outcome of the case, and the standards of care to use on the patient.  Students can watch the video, diagnose the patient, and then review the information listed with the case. Some cases also include “Expert Commentary,” which summarize the key learning points of the case.


To explore ReelDx, please:

  1. Go to the library’s website.
  2. Click on “Online Databases”
  3. Type in “ReelDx” using the “Search by Title” box
  4. Click on ReelDx (60 day Trial)
  5. If off-campus, please log in with your library ID and Password.

We would appreciate any feedback on ReelDx.  Please contact:

Deedra Walton

Electronic Resources Librarian



Pamela Herring

Electronic Resources Librarian