Can you tell someone’s heart rate by looking at their face?

Can you tell someone’s heart rate just by looking at their face? With the What’s My Heart Rate app, now you can! This free app measures minuscule color changes on your face to determine your heartbeat. According to the app’s developer (ViTrox Technologies) as your heart beats, pulses of blood are sent through your blood vessels; this blood absorbs light. The more blood flows through your vessels, the less light hitting your face is reflected. The app uses your smartphone’s front- or back-facing camera function, along with the developer’s algorithm, to detract these minor changes in light reflection in your face due to varying blood flow. This is referred to as photoplethysmography.

Once the app is launched, clicking a “play” button prompts users to center their face within a frame. The app then displays the user’s heart rate in BPM along with an EKG. ViTrox Technologies claims the app is accurate to within +/-3% when used correctly. BPM

Settings within the app allow users to set a reminder to check their heart rate weekly. Other options are available with a premium upgrade.

Note: Users can also place their chest within the marked frame and the app will measure BPM based on users’ chest movements.

Visit the Apple app store to download the What’s My Heart Rate app for iOS (iPhone/iPad) for free.

The app is also available for Android devices from the Android Market, and for Windows 8 from the developer’s website.


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